World Passport

World Passport

WORLD PASSPORT was a promotional game issued by Mobil Oil in 1972. This was a collect-and-win game with instant winners. The game consisted of a game piece given free to customers each time they visited a participating Mobil gas station, which were to be collected for a chance to win cash prizes. The game piece is a packet that contains one of 18 different stamps featuring a country. Some stamps are INSTANT WINNERS.

The stamps (Mobil calls them 'collection pieces') could be affixed to the World Passport game card (also free) which was divided into sections. If all the stamps in any one of the sections could be collected, the player won the prize for that section. The prizes were $10, $100, and $1,000. In addition, there were four different instant winner stamps available with prizes of $1, $10, $100, and $1,000.

Ten of the country stamps were common; four were key prize-winning stamps; four were instant winner stamps. That made a total of eighteen different stamps in the game.

World Passport

Above: Front and back of a folded 'World Passport' game card. When folded, the cards are 10 1/2" tall by 5 3/4" wide.

Mobil Oil World Passport Game

Above: Inside of an unfolded 'World Passport' game card. This card has all ten of the commom stamps glued in place. When unfolded, the cards are 10 1/2" tall by 11 1/2" wide. The country stamp game pieces are 1 3/4" tall by 2 1/4" wide.

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