Drive To The Super Bowl

Drive To The Super Bowl

DRIVE TO THE SUPER BOWL was a promotional game issued by the Shell Oil Company in 1995. This was an instant winner scratch card game. The game consisted of a game card (about 7" x 2.5") given to customers each time they visited a participating Shell gas station. The cards are perforated down the middle; one half is a scratch-off game piece, and the other half is a collectible Super Bowl football card. Ten different football cards were printed on the game cards.

The game only ran for 28 days - from 8/21/95 to 9/17/95. There were 7,505,355 prizes available to win (including five new 1995 Ford Mustangs) but only 5,355 of the prizes were worth more than $2.25. In the scratch-off 'ticket' half of the card there are three hidden spots which, when scratched, reveal if you are an instant winner or not.

The other half of the card is a collectible Fleer football card, featuring an action photo from a past Super Bowl and information about the game. Fleer apparently partnered with Shell Oil in the creation of the game cards. Complete sets of these cards (ten cards) are often available on popular auction sites for under $5.00. About 65 million game cards were printed; thus, 65 million football cards.

On the game card, Shell Oil describes the game as a 'sweepstakes,' but the only sweepstakes element is that you could mail in a request to be included in a drawing for any unclaimed major prizes.

Drive to the Super Bowl

This is the front and back of an unscratched 'DRIVE TO THE SUPER BOWL' game card.

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