Above: Front and back of an unopened
'Pay-Day' game card.

Pay-Day was a promotional game issued by Standard Oil of Ohio at its Sohio and Boron gas stations in 1968. This was a collect-and-win game with instant winners. The game consisted of a square, cardboard game card (2.25" square) given to customers each time they visited a participating Sohio or Boron gas station.

The Pay-Day game cards are perforated and, when torn along the perforations, the center section can be removed and opened. Inside the center section are two printed game pieces. Each game piece is one-half of a cash prize value. The objective was to collect two matching halves of the same dollar value, in which case the player won that amount. Some game pieces are instant winners; they contain both halves of the same dollar value.

Cash prizes were $1, $2, $5, $10, $25, $100, $1,000 and $3,000.

Creative Merchandising, Inc. produced this game. It was the last of three games they produced for Standard Oil of Ohio in 1967 and 1968. In all three games, the game cards are generic and do not mention any gas station or oil company name on them which is unusual for an oil company promotion. One possible explanation is so Standard Oil of Ohio could issue the game pieces at their Sohio gas stations (in Ohio) and also at their Boron gas stations (outside of Ohio) without any branding confusion.

Pay-Day was preceeded by 'Cash in a Flash' in 1967 (which you can see here) and 'Super Cash in a Flash' later in 1967 (which you can see here). These three games were very similar.


Above: A game card with the game piece section removed.


Above: Inside of a typical game piece showing two dollar amounts on two halves.

Each game piece contains two halves. Most game pieces have two halves of different values but some game pieces are INSTANT WINNERS where both halves are the same value. At least 24 different printed game cards were issued. The table below lists observed game piece printings in the game cards.

Left SideRight Side

Above: A variety of common game pieces.

You could win eight different cash prizes playing Pay-Day. The common halves and winning halves are listed in the table below.

Prize AmountCommon HalfWinning Half
$1Right HalfLeft Half
$2Left HalfRight Half
$5Right HalfLeft Half
$10Left HalfRight Half
$25Right HalfLeft Half
$100Left HalfRight Half
$1,000Right HalfLeft Half
$3,000Left HalfRight Half
Sohio Pay Day

Above: Newspaper ad in the Xenia Daily Gazette (Xenia, Ohio) on 4/2/1968.

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